Tuesday, 19 August 2008

the Iogg shit incident

iogg: guys you're not gonna believe this
iogg: i became constipated
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: ?
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: have you been watching the micro site?
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Nice D:
iogg: i got some of it sticking out of my ass, and its really painful
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: ...
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: You havnt, cause you wouldnt come to the computer to tell us
Mellish: thats makes me hawt
Mellish: go on iogg
iogg: i got a big chunk of it out though by using toilet paper
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: What do you do, walk across the hall with shit hanging out your ass
Mellish: oooo yeah
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: it used to say, coming thursday, coming friday, coming monday, coming tuesday
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Yes it did
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: they've been unvealing links
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Because we get daily news
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: not UPDATES
Mellish: lol at nicky's reply
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: dude, stop
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Stop what?
iogg: i think im gonna use my underwear to get it all out
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: you're shattering peoples dreams here
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: I'm not
Mellish: mmmm don't stop iogg
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Im repairing them
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: it'll come out when it does
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: And Iogg
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Stfu
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: you have no proof its comes out
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: We dont care about your tight arse kay?
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: uhhh
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: don't think about my ass
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: think about the lies you're spreading
[HL2.net] Nicky0123 thinks about zach's ass
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: ...
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: D:
iogg: fucking hell
iogg: its so painful
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: you're wrong dude
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: its out later this week
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: i hope
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: 'im constipated, lets go tell everyone about it on the computer
Mellish: Oh i bet it is
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: i was playing team fortress
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Someone sig what I said earlier
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: just wait
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: and itll come out
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: ...
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: its like a baby
iogg: what, when people need the toilet
iogg: there's no loo roll >:(
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: ...
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Then wtf, why sit on the toilet
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: fucking shithead
iogg: im sat here in the most awkward position
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Your family clearly wipe their ass with their trousers
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Then fuck off
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Jesus
Mellish: im loling hard right now
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Your in the middle of having a shit...
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: What do you do
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Finish having it
iogg: in order to avoid the poo glueing to  my underwear
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Or come tell us
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Wait, I need a shit
iogg: nicky, the shit wasnt coming out
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Be back in a few seconds to tell you about it
iogg: my ass basically said "the shit has finished"
Mellish: im sigging this convo
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: >:D
iogg: therefore the ass wants me to wipe with a huge chunk of shit hanging out my ass
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: ...
iogg: i used all the toilet paper left to get rid as much as possible
iogg: but i ran out
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: i bet the Heavy Update comes out Thursday
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Its coming today ssh
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: nope
Mellish: LOl
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: Thursday
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: since thats been the trend
iogg: slowly, the poo is sticking to my underwear
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: ...
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: and when they reveal the 3rd weapon
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[HL2.net] Nicky0123: iogg seriously
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Mellish
Mellish: wit
[xxxvxxx] zach_attack: you'll probably disconect from chat
[HL2.net] Nicky0123: Sig this conversation, this will finish Iogg's status with everything he evar does